Route and distances

These maps outline your trip for the Day 13 Safari.

The sights and sounds as you travel these routes will be eye opening and will give you a true taste of the culture and beauty of Tanzania!

Day 1- Arrive at Kilimanjaro Airport and transfer to a peaceful overnight at Forest Hill Carnival Hotel, a 1 hr 38min travel with snacks and beverages provided.

Day 2 – After breakfast we drive 2 hr 53 mins to Tarangire National Park for the day.

After Tarangire National Park, we drive 1 hr 44 mind to Maramboi Tented Lodge for the night.

Day 3 – After a delicious breakfast, a 1 hr 39 min drive will take us to Lake Manyara National Park.

After a leisurely safari through this park, a 1 hr 7 min drive will take us to Farm House Lodge or Tloma Lodge depending on availability.

Day 4 -5 After a trek into the Serengeti, we will spend leisurely days with numerous game drives. We will be flexible with the schedule as this is your trip! There will be plenty to see!

Day 6 – 7 We will change camp locations to give us more views of the vast Serengeti.

Day 8 – After breakfast we will pack our luggage and drive 4 hr 29mins to the Ngorongoro Conservations Area and overnight at Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge.

Day 9 – After breakfast we drive 57 mins to the Ngorongoro Crater for a full day of animal viewing.

The park closes at 4 pm and we will continue back to Forest Hill Carnival Hotel, a 3 hr 47min drive.

Day 10 -11 Bethany Pre and Primary School – Kisongo

You will have a wonderful time visiting the school and exploring the Kisongo and Arusha area.

Day 12 – Your guide will treat you like family and show you things that interest you. You will have an amazing time! It is just a short drive between Kisongo and Arusha and Bethany Pre and Primary School.

Day 13 – You will be able to relax and revisit or continue exploring! The choice is yours with recommendation from your tour guide.

Your hotel is 1 hr 19 mins from the airport and we’ll leave plenty of time for arriving to the airport in time for your departure home.

You will have an amazing adventure!!! Thank you for travelling with Boaz Safari Adventures, where you’re treated like family!